Are you always wondering how to get more clients?

All too often, the answer I hear is, “yes”. But why is it so difficult to keep your business full of ideal clients?

Here are 3 key tips to getting more ideal clients:

1.  Take an objective and detailed look at your marketing strategies. Are you using the shotgun approach or are you really strategically lasering in on your target audience. The only way you can be strategic in reaching your ideal client is to know everything you can about them.

Everything from your website, to the products you create, to the design/topic/price point of your services, and to your marketing strategies must be based on your ideal client. Doing an in-depth analysis to learn everything you can about your ideal client and then meeting their needs is how you will attract them.

2.  Personal contact and connection. Have you seen the trend for businesses not to have their phone number on their contact page? Just that one simple act can cost getting clients. Potential customers who contact you want to feel a connection with you, to be able to get answers to see if you are ‘right’ for them, and to see if you have the answers, they are looking for. Look at your business model as a customer and see how ‘approachable’ you are for them to be able to first connect and speak with you, and adjust accordingly. Be approachable, show your personality, and be easy to connect with.

3.  Instead of depending on your website ‘buy’ button for gaining clients, realize that YOU are the most powerful sales tool you have in your marketing arsenal. Being much more cognizant of not only making sure, you create the ‘sales moment’ but also of ‘closing the sale’ during your conversations with potential clients.

Increase your self-confidence and awareness of your language to create sales moments and then being able to close the deal will definitely increase the number of clients you serve.

Gaining more clients is really about how you can better communicate and serve them. Try implementing or improving on these 3 key marketing elements in your business to gain more of your ideal clients and your business will grow.

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