Myth #1 – Leadership isn’t for everyone

What is a leader without followers? If everyone became a leader, nothing would get done.

That’s what most skeptics would say. But then, followers are essentially leaders who are evolving, if one dared to look at it that way.

One doesn’t need to be a manager or the Mayor to be a leader. Even in the smallest household, good leadership is a must, and personal leadership is what conscientious people strive for every day to live a fulfilled and purposeful life.

Myth #2 – Leaders are born, not made

This has been heard so often, no wonder everyone’s starting to believe it!

Some people have innate skills and talents characteristic of a good leader, or they may have a natural charisma about them. But that doesn’t make them born leaders; it just means they are more gifted in that specific way than others.

No one is ever born knowing everything. Leadership qualities are developed over time, and can be learned by anyone.

Myth #3 – Men make better leaders than women

The only reason there are more male than female leaders is because our society hasn’t yet completely accepted the concept of gender equality. Women are as capable of being leaders as men; in fact, some sectors agree that the female species make better leaders.

Myth #4 – Leaders shouldn’t be afraid of anything

Nothing could be further from the truth. When I sit with leaders, I hear all sorts of questioning of confidence along with self doubt – something shared by all people.

They say that, besides love, one of the things that drive people is fear. A good leader doesn’t have to know how to overcome his fear; he simply needs to acknowledge that the feeling is there. Once he accepts that, he learns courage. Fear, in effect, becomes an essential part of leadership. Without fear, there will be no need for courage.

Do you agree with these leadership myths? Please share your experience.