Feeling a bit stressed these days? No doubt.

The holiday season is portrayed to be one of togetherness and joy.

Yet, for some, the season can be lonely, expensive, and have unmet expectations.

I struggle each winter with depression. The short days, the lack of sun, the colder weather, all get to me.

I am in my element when I can put my bare feet in the green grass, take daily walks with my dog under blue skies and puffy clouds, and nurture growing things in my yard, sticking my hands in dirt.

All the things that delight me come to a screeching halt in the winter and I easily can go into a funk. Add to that the stress of the holiday season, and I can end up an emotional wreck.  How do I combat this?

I’ve learned to be very gentle with myself during the holidays.  I selectively choose only the events that bring me joy. I rid myself of guilt and “shoulds”. I’m not a baker and our home lacks the homemade goodies that others post photos of on Facebook.

Are you being good to yourself?  One way is to finding joy in the simple things.  A book, a call to a friend, a hot long bath,  perhaps a cup of warm tea or a walk.  These simple pleasures can nurture you when the stress of the season wears you down.

This week, I wish you peace. I wish you love. I wish you simple joys of pleasure.

Love you with all my heart,


P.S. And remember to look for miracles, as they are truly all around us.