We can get stuck in relationships, patterns of behavior, negative thinking, dead-end unfulfilling jobs, and stuff.

Maybe you like to hang onto a gift someone gave you, even though you’re not using it, because you think fondly of that person when you see that gift.

Or maybe you hang on out of guilt, feeling that you are betraying that person if you donate or toss that no longer useful item.

I get it. I’m a hanger on-er, but I’ve learned that in order to let the new in, the fresh, the exciting, I need to let the old go.

Out go relationships that drag me down instead of lift me up. “Doggie Downers” I call them, people who are complainers, who always have time for themselves but not anyone else. No place for them in my life.

Working with clients for years, I’ve found that in order for them to move forward toward the joy and dreams they want in their life, letting go is always something they have to do first, before they can acquire their desire.

Like the trapeze artist, they must hang in a place of suspension, a place of trust, a place of unknowingness, before they can firmly grasp onto what’s coming into their lives. Scared but determined, they are elated that they had the courage and support to let go, to let in.

What new things are you ready for? What do you want to let go of?
I’m here for you if you want to explore new ways of thinking, new directions and dreams.

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