As a woman in business, dealing with rejection can be a daunting experience. It really hurts
being rejected by a potential client. It’s also hard if a new deal or endeavor doesn’t work out the
way you hoped it would. This disappointing experience can set you back or derail your efforts to
reach goals.
Here is a tip on what I have personally done in the past and how I’ve helped my clients to keep
on track.
Jane’s Tip to Leap & Grow: Reframe & Research the NO.

  1. Keep in mind that people will say NO to your services for many
    reasons. They may not be ready, they may need to gather the financial
    resources, or they may just not clearly understand how your services
    can help them achieve their goals.
  2. Ask them if they would mind sharing their reason for declining and if
    they’d like to you reach out in a designated period of time. Many
    people truly appreciate this gesture, and you will gather more
    information about their needs. 
  3. Try not to take their NO as a personal rejection. That’s the cycle of
    sales, some days you will get a resounding YES and other days a NO.

Always strive to learn how to be better at communicating the benefits of your service and
understanding your customer’s needs!
What tip do you like best? What other tip can you share?
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