O.K. the “F” word can be crippling when it comes to strategically and confidently moving forward with your business plans. Especially when you have a BHAG – a BIG Hairy Audacious Goal (Thank you Jim Collins) and put a stake in the ground claiming your plans. The saying “the bigger you go the harder you fall” can strike fear in many entrepreneurs. Sometimes just stating a goal so BIG can be nerve racking because it usually follows with the mind game of all the reasons you can’t or shouldn’t take this big goal on.

I have failed, so have my clients. Here is my advice how to take on the inner game of the successful entrepreneur. 

Jane’s Tip to Leap & Grow: Failure is like rejection; it can deflate our hopes and dreams, confidence, and move us from a place of action to stagnation.

  1. When the intensity of the emotion wears off, give the experience a critical eye or share it with your coach. What could you have done better or different?
  2. Don’t expect perfection from yourself. Many times, we are our own worst critic. You notice your failures far more than others do, and sometimes you need to not be so hard on yourself. 
  3. Think about a time of success, there are plenty. Don’t let one failure drag you down.

Keep the momentum going, after a brief time, I hope includes some self-care, square your shoulders and get back out there!

What tip did you like best? What’s another tip can you share?

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