Professional women in business must handle multiple priorities every day. A big fear women have is the uncertainty of the future. We hesitate to roll the dice and take a chance with what matters to us the most. Entrepreneurs by nature are risk takers but that doesn’t mean they are gamblers.

One of my top strengths is futuristic (based on StrengthsFinder) and this attribute has strategically served me well as a woman business owner and coach. Here is how I work with my clients on the uncertainty factor in business. 

Jane’s Tip to Leap & Grow:

  1. Always make calculated risks by doing your homework, check (and double check) your numbers, and think about the big picture impact.
  2. Think about the worst thing that could happen, yes, face the fear, and then ask yourself if you can live with that worst outcome. Most times the very worst fear is something that you can handle.
  3. Measure the decision with the other things you are currently juggling. Discuss it with stakeholders (business partners, spouses, etc.) and get the advice of your accountant or attorney for greater peace of mind.

What tip do you like best? What other tip can you share?

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