Have you ever felt alone in a group of people? Do you experience loneliness as a sole business owner? It is easy to feel isolated when owning your own business, especially if you are just starting out or are in business by yourself. Whether you are introvert, extrovert or omivert (have both connection tendencies) the need to connect with others is essential.

I work out of my home office and meet my clients at their offices. However, I do a lot of coaching calls or zoom web meetings. Here a few tips I use myself to keep myself connected and engaged.

Jane’s Tips to Leap & Grow:

  1. While out and about running errands, make connections with the servers and customer service reps. Making someone’s day through sincere compliments will brighten yours.
  2. Make networking through coffee dates a regular part of your week. Ask your networking partner how you can help them. What do they need? Be sure to deliver on any promises you make.
  3. If you work from home, try to get out of the house once a day, even if it’s a walk with your dog to the neighbors. Knowing others may be lonely and checking in on them will also ease your loneliness.

What tip do you like best? What other tip can you share?

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