No one really likes it, but it happens – CHANGE. It occurs in every facet of our lives. We are now seeing it on the treetops signaling us that fall is here. Change can be hard to assimilate in business; no matter how large the business it always has a HUGE impact.

Jane’s Tips to Leap & Grow:

  1. Recognize that change is growth and realizing that can make the change more palatable.
  2. Do you usually wear sneakers, but put on a pair of heels for a special occasion? You feel wobbly at first, right? That’s how change is, it feels uncomfortable, but the more we stick with it, the easier it gets.
  3. Find a mentor or coach or someone who can help you navigate the change. It’s much easier when someone supports you and cheers you on to your success!

What tip do you like best? What other tip can you share?

To explore coaching:

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