Have you ever fallen short? Missed the mark? Fell down completely? Awesome…welcome to the world of entrepreneurship. When trying something new it is unreasonable to think you will be perfect out of the gate.

I have experienced this more than once over my career. Here is how I turned a challenge into an opportunity.

Jane’s Tips Leap & Grow

  1. Creativity is part of being an entrepreneur. Trying new things is how you find out what works. Some efforts will be a bust, some will be wildly successful.
  2. Beware of the “bright shiny object syndrome.” If you’re always flitting from one idea to the next but not giving something a chance to work, you need to work on your focus and explore why you’re letting yourself get easily distracted.
  3. Someone may present themselves as very successful and you may feel intimidated. Don’t be influenced by this appearance, as success without challenges, it doesn’t exist!

What tip do you like best? What other tip can you share?

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