Executive Coaching & Consulting

Executive Coaching & Consulting

Do you inspire your staff? Are you respected as a leader?

As a Leader, you are responsible for getting the job done, and motivating others.  But you’re pulled in many directions; you’ve got lots of distractions and demands on your time. Taking time to mentor and course correct your staff can take back seat.

We understand the many stressors, uncooperative staff and tight budgets.  Even your boss can be a roadblock.

We help you make your leadership a priority, to build morale, improve productivity and profit. 

In today’s market, you NEED exceptional customer service, effective conflict management skills and teams that work together. Is it fun to spend money on coaching and training programs? Heck no.  

But you can’t build a thriving business alone, and we’ve got your back.

High-Performance Results

Executive Development for Leadership Excellence

For CEOs, Managers, Executives, Business Owners and Corporate Leaders

Learn how to be at the top of your game with a clear vision, a strong brand, an engaged and competent team, and excellent communication skills that produce results. Are you ready to bring out your best?


Identify your core strengths and personal values


Create your personal brand and learn how to apply it in your business


Learn to effectively manage and communicate with results (up and down the chain of command)


Build a strong cohesive team


Enhance your time-management effectiveness


Increase employee engagement


Position yourself for advancement with confidence


Handle conflict with ease


Manage stress


Be a more effective leader yielding profitable results

proposal provided, ROI guaranteed

Silver, Gold, Platinum Packages

Programs may includes: Meetings in person, weekly coaching, and attendance at team meetings. Visioning VIP days for goal setting, selected resources, 360 degree strength assessment, program development. Reports on progress given quarterly.


100% report a significant leap in their leader effectiveness as validated by their managers and/or 360 degree feedback


90%  of business owners report a 35 – 50% increase in profit impact.


100% of our clients became more confident in their everyday strategies.


100% of our clients seeking new opportunities received promotions or new job offers.


100% of our clients report a significant increase in self-awareness, leadership and confidence in their ability to achieve and succeed.

Jane’s Clients include: ATK, Thrivent Financial, American Family Insurance, Allianz Life Insurance, Minneapolis Park and Rec, Hennepin County, Health Partners Insurance, colleges, chamber of commerce, associations, business owners, individual coaches, entrepreneurs and people in transition.


“Jane’s skilled coaching and knowledge of business principles brought our Leadership Team cohesively together so we’re now moving forward with a clear concise vision and accountable actions. Implementing systems means better service for our clients, more effective marking practices and a real difference to our bottom line.”

Jim Steffen, CEO Trott Brook Financial

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