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Letting Go to Let In

We like to hang onto stuff. If’s familiar and comforting. It’s what we know. We can get stuck in relationships, patterns of behavior, negative thinking, dead-end unfulfilling jobs, and stuff. Maybe you like to hang onto a gift someone gave you, even though you’re not...

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Find Joy in the Simple Things

Hello Dear Rockstar! Feeling a bit stressed these days? No doubt. The holiday season is portrayed to be one of togetherness and joy. Yet, for some, the season can be lonely, expensive, and have unmet expectations. I struggle each winter with depression. The short...

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How Leaders Can Cope With Stress

It’s hard to be a leader when the role itself involves a lot of stress. However, dealing with stress is as much a part of being an effective leader, in the same way that good leadership is essential to a group’s success. But over-exposure to stressful situations can...

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