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Managing or Leading: Which is Better?

Do they differ?  Similar, yes, but not quite the same. People often make the mistake of using both the terms “manager” and “leader” interchangeably, but there are marked differences between the two which should not be taken lightly. These are key positions that...

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Narcissism in leadership…good or bad?

One cannot be a leader without followers, so leadership is basically a lonely post. And since this large chuck of the responsibility is held by just one person, it is easy to give in to the temptation of being narcissistic. But is narcissism in leadership really a bad...

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The 4 Biggest Myths Behind Good Leadership

Everyone has biases when it comes to the idea of good leadership, mostly because for many, a leader is a person who’s “larger than life” and we may feel intimidated in their presence. But leaders are more human than we think, and most of what we believe about them...

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Do Company Core Values Really Make A Difference?

Do your employees love to come to work? Are they inspired to provide exceptional customer service? Does your organizational culture hinder or help? Every company has a culture, whether it’s been defined on purpose or by default. Each time I work with a company to make...

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Why Are Employees More Disgruntled?

New Survey Shows Employees are Very Very Disgruntled- What Can we Do About it?   According to a new survey by ManpowerGroup’s own Right Management, an unprecedented 86 percent of U.S. employees say they intend to look for a new job in 2013. Only 5 percent say they...

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What I’m thankful for….. Can blessings come in the form of challenges? I think so. This past year, I’m grateful for the gifts of …. Girlfriends, that come to the rescue when feeling down or overwhelmed Family, that cries with you on the monthly anniversary date of...

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Trouble Focusing?

If you are anything like me, and I know you are,  you’ve got a variety of things on your plate that distract you from begin able to focus on a task  one at a time are faced with trying to fit a multitude of tasks into each day and usually have extensive to-do lists....

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Three Keys to Attracting More Clients

Are you always wondering how to get more clients? All too often, the answer I hear is, “yes”. But why is it so difficult to keep your business full of ideal clients? Here are 3 key tips to getting more ideal clients: 1.  Take an objective and detailed look at your...

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