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The power of a mastermind group is life-changing!

A mastermind group brings out the best of each member, by giving her the time to share her challenges, and to discover what may be holding her back. She gets help with problem solving, by others sharing their experience, expertise and suggestions. 

Networking and business development happens naturally and the other members become friends as well as strong advocates and advisers. 

A mastermind group gives people the strength to more confidently move toward their dreams



“Soul Sisters Mastermind Club membership has made the difference for me personally and professionally. Earlier this year I had to make some very big changes in my business and my Mastermind group helped me through a stressful time in my business. I am now thriving after making the changes in my business and I couldn’t be happier. I just added extra coaching sessions with founder Jane Morrison because I am ready to take on the next level of success in my business. I feel supported, understood and I experience a community of like minded women who champion one another. I highly recommend this to any professional woman who wants to thrive.”
Sarah Patnode, CEO, FullStride Media


“Jane Morrison is a gem! I was blown away by her ability to see me, and my brand, in a way I’d never dared myself to look. I walked away with so many things to reflect on about my purpose. I’d recommend Jane to anyone who is ready to have a bigger business and life!”

Lindsay Wilson, Social Media Heaven

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